The double edged sword of commitment

Commitment in the scope of pages leading up to 210 is explored in a variety of small interlinked stories that I’d like to touch on through some form of poetic free verse.
The double edged sword of commitment.
To one’s self,
the best and the worst parts.
To the beating hearts ripped from us
Experience expected because we are
committed to:
the game,
to learning.
Double edge yes,
hide our face
yet still commit to vanity.
Commit that crime,
it all takes conviction,
To the things not yet seen
To results.
The fans on the other end
Mario waiting to listen,
out of his own commitment
It is
We are
The product of what we move to
To make them proud,
to be the best
We commit to old mottos
leadership no longer present.
In the midst of unbelief,
wearing Masks
craving to remove them.
Committed to self preservation
Longing to let others in
Afraid of dying at the hands of potential
yet living committed to experiencing it.
When looking at everything that occurs in this section it’s clear that Commitment is in it from the beginning. The image placed in our minds of the heart transplant patient chasing after the “unknown” transvestite assailant before collapsing just brings to a head that our Will is found in our commitment. She lead a healthy active lifestyle that gave her the will to chase what she simultaneously needed and wanted the reality is she could have let herself die upon losing her heart but she didn’t because she wanted to live. The fact that she dies anyway is the truth, your commitment cannot save you. Not always.
We also visit Hal and the guys at ETA comitted to passing their urine tests because they’re committed to playing tennis. The look into the life of a young Jim has significance for me it’s when we get to see that it’s a generational thing. Tennis then gets viewed more so as a commitment from father to son passed down out of a desire to live out the other’s potential. Each one being encouraged by the one before to be what he couldn’t. And this is the double edged sword of the  commitment I see in infinite Jest–The promise of results but the prison of not living up to ones own personal aspirations.
The videophone is another great example committing to only aural communication as a way to not only fake one’s own attention but to create a reality for yourself in which you can fake someone else’s attention towards you. And what about if you actually like this form of interface do you commit out of a desire to be en vogue and chic, out of touch with this new sci-fi technology but also not experiencing as much of people. There is something added by visibility. Jim’s dad was afraid to die “having not ever been seen.”  Sometimes we commit to things for the wrong reasons.

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